Series of workshops organised FOR the IMPC 10yr Anniversary

2nd workshop
‘Exploring the benefit of mammalian lethal genes’
6 December 2021
organised by
Prof. Mary Dickinson (Houston, USA), Dr. Jason Heaney (Houston, USA), Dr. Steve Murray (Bar Harbor, USA) and Henrik Westerberg (Harwell, UK), and the Embryo- Haploessential Working Group of the IMPC

Next workshops
28 February 2022 - ‘IMPC mouse models contribution to current advances in metabolic and cardiac research’

Organised by

Dr. Nadine Spielman (Munich, Germany) and Dr. Jan Rozman (Prague, Czech Republic) and the Cardiovascular and Metabolism Working Group of the IMPC

17 March 2022 - ‘Translational value of mouse models in nervous system diseases’

Organised by

Dr. Sabine Hoelter (Munich, Germany) and Dr. Silvia Mandillo (Rome, Italy), Dr. Rodney Samaco (Houston, USA) and the Behavior and Sensory Working Group of the IMPC

11 April 2022 - ‘Genome editing, engineering and application of IMPC resources’

Organised by

Dr. Kevin Peterson (Bar Harbor, USA) and Dr. Lydia Teboul (Harwell, UK) and the Production Working Group of the IMPC

Past workshops
25 October 2021 - IMPC ‘Beyond the Borders’

Organised by

Professor Kent Lloyd, University of California Davis, USA